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We’ve worked with a lot of cool people.

Here’s what some of them had to say.


“Nate and Jay are incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and helpful. When they’re working with you, your project is theirs – they care about it as it if were their own, and they don’t pull any punches to make sure it’s successful. Good or bad, they’re going to tell you the truth, and you’ll be glad they did. I highly recommend Nate and Jay as consultants and advisors on any project you really want to make an impact with.”

Lori Ventola, Plumfield Learning (consulting client)


“Nate and Jay are the perfect team. With the experience and know-how behind them to answer any question, they did a great job of exploring my options with me and helping me brainstorm several routes to take rather than simply telling me to “do it this way.” I’ve talked to coaches before, but they’ve all sounded stiff, scripted, and more interested in pitching their own methods than helping me realize my best path. I could tell from the start that Nate and Jay were on my side and eager to incorporate my input and concerns. Talking to them was like pow-wowing with two good friends who also happened to be great mentors. I’d pay money to talk to them, period, since they’re two of the coolest guys on the block. Getting a great kickstart for the next journey in my writing career was an added bonus. I’d recommend them to anyone and will definitely be picking their brains again!”

Kelly Gurnett, Cordelia Calls It Quits (consulting client)


“After talking to Nate and Jay, we decided to be more engaging and interactive on our social media platforms instead of primarily relying on automatic posts. Our new goal is to be personal, share stories and talk about philanthropy from both a general and corporate perspective. This will work to boost our position as a thought leader in the space. Working with them helped us bring all of our ideas together and pinpoint the focus for our blog and social media efforts.”

Patty Huber, Groupon Grassroots (consulting client)


“Nate and Jay know the internet. I’d recommend them to everybody, from any blogger just starting out who knows nothing to the established bloggers who think they know it all. When we worked with them, they really listened and took time to understand our goals and our values so that they could give us very customized solutions for our particular problems rather than just the generic one-size-fits-all advice that you find elsewhere. They’re smart, they’re a great team, and they’re really nice guys!”

Lisa Farlow, 20 Something Bloggers (consulting client)


“Here’s the thing about blog consulting–you can literally find hundreds of people who are willing (and eager) to let you pay them for their advice. But after my experience working with Nate & Jay, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’d be silly to look elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned web veteran or a beginning blogger who is struggling to define your next steps, you’ll benefit from the unique combination of positive, realistic, and critical feedback you’ll receive from these two. Whether it’s the motivation you need to take the next big step or the kick in the pants you need to get your head on straight, Nate & Jay deliver a one-two punch that is unrivaled.”

Jen, The Happy Homeowner (consulting client)


“Jay and Nate are a tag-team duo that don’t pull any punches. I needed some objective feedback on a few key areas of my upcoming product, – they pointed out some areas I had overlooked and gave me some great new ideas for the product. Not only did they offer valuable feedback, they also had great energy which really fed into some creative ideas. If you’re looking for an average/boring consultation, don’t work with these guys…. but if you’re up for creative ideas and in the trenches experience I’d definitely recommend spending some time with Nate and Jay.”

Ben Edwards, Only 9 Minutes / Money Smart Life (consulting client)


“I met J Money and Nate St. Pierre over a year ago when I became involved with their project, Love Drop. I was impressed with their integrity and passion for creating a successful philanthropic organization, so when I recently had the chance to hire Nate and J Money for an intense hour-long business and marketing strategy session I jumped at the opportunity. My expectations were high, and they were all exceeded. The cost for the consultation was very reasonable, and I received far more value than I paid for. Not only did J and Nate offer practical solutions that immediately saved me several hundred dollars each month, but they also grasped my long term vision for my coaching business and helped craft a strategy moving forward that maximizes the monetization I was struggling to implement. I recommend Nate St. Pierre and J Money for superlative work and powerful solutions that can be immediately implemented, at a very affordable cost. I look forward to watching the success of this new venture with great anticipation and fully expect to continue working with them in my marketing efforts.”

Ronae Jull, Hope Coaching (consulting client)


“As someone who recently started a blog and needed help improving it, I turned to web marketing consultants, Nate St. Pierre and Jay Money, whose work on a web-based humanitarian venture (Love Drop) I have followed and admired for a couple of years. In my one hour strategy session with Nate and Jay, I was struck not just by their technical expertise but their perceptiveness in understanding the various goals I had for my blog. I was also deeply impressed with the range of creative ideas they offered for web-based networking and ways to increase my readership among policy analysts. I highly recommend these two very personable professionals who are smart, capable and extremely passionate about their work.”

Mehlaqa Samdani, Politics and Peacebuilding in Pakistan (consulting client)


“Nate and Jay are awesome! They tell you like it is, while giving you great feedback to make your work better and more inspired. They have amazing vision and give terrific feedback for you to build upon. These guys are great! I will definitely be back!”

Sandee Harned, Motherhood is Beautiful (consulting client)


“It was amazing to talk to people who understood exactly how my business operates and the struggles that come from being a full time blogger. My niche of blogging is so narrow we all tend to use the same consultants, designers and companies leaving a limited perspective on the industry overall. Nate and J were able to suggest new possibilities and encourage me in taking some risks others might not. Bringing in two very qualified fresh sets of eyes was exactly what I needed to give me the boost to keep going. It’s too soon to tell now but I am sure I will make the money back I spent on their consulting services several times over! They rock!”

Laura Oliver, A Frugal Chick (consulting client)


“We were very proud to work with the Love Drop team on our recent community service project for our summer conference. As an event director, it is very helpful to have the added support on the front and back end of the service event. Weeks before conference, we were able to get our attendees excited about the event with the use of social media and personal outreach that the Love Drop team facilitated. We had a huge success with a great showing of attendees who donated thousands of dollars worth of goods to a great cause. The camaraderie and networking that happened at the event was the foundation for the rest of the conference. The people who participated in the event really came together and built friendships around a common cause. I attribute the community service event to the reason we had 100% intent to return rate in our post conference survey. We were very pleased with the outcome of partnering with the Love Drop team and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with this great group and company!”

Melissa Papaleo, People Report (service project client)


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Nate St. Pierre and Jay Monee personally and professionally. They are just simply amazing! I hired them to for some career and business consulting. They helped me weigh through all my options and see the big picture! Thanks to Jay and Nate, I know have a roadmap of where I’m headed! They have great attention to detail, super creative and think outside of the box! I highly recommend them to anyone!”

Tammy Munson, Bravo Tango Tees (consulting client)


“J. and Nate gave me personalized feedback on my blog and made suggestions that fit in line with my vision of my site. By sharing their thoughts and stories I gained a better understanding of how to become a blogger that’s focused and engages their audience. With their expertise, I feel confident that I can reach the goals I have for my blog. They were great!”

S. S., This Aggie Saves (consulting client)


“I met Nate in the fall of 2011 at the 20sb Summit in Chicago. I was instantly impressed with his passion for philanthropy and his drive to change the world. So, when I had the opportunity to chat one-on-one with Nate and J Money for a social media business consulting session, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only were they laid back and easy to talk to, they offered creative and quality advice. I couldn’t believe they took an hour out of their busy day to help me brainstorm and grow, to which I couldn’t be more appreciative. They brought to the table a lot of knowledge about blogging and social media and how to start a successful business. The advice they gave me was really invaluable and will undoubtedly help me grow. It is evident that they have a lot of experience in business development and building community driven projects from the ground up. They are a pleasure to work with and are a great team. I highly recommend Nate St. Pierre and J Money for your blogging and business consulting needs.”

Caryn Levy, ChiTownTweetup (consulting client)


“I really want to thank you for being honest, sharing your energy and mainly for being an accessible voice in the oft snooty world of finance. I started reading your blog about 3 months ago and you were my inspiration for paying off ALL our credit card debt as of last week!”

Caitlin (fan of Budgets Are Sexy)


“It’s been a pretty amazing month watching how a Love Drop comes together. The guys that run the organization, Nate and J Money, are not only tremendously full of heart, but they are funny, sweet and really great to be around. I love the concept of Love Drop – how a little bit can go a long way – even a donation of a buck a month can do great things. I’m kind of a Love Drop fan girl now.”

Sarah (member of Love Drop)


“ISWU is a reminder to put into practice the love and compassion I want to live. It is a 15 minute task that bleeds into the whole week and inspires me to go beyond those 15 minutes. I have my ugly moments, I have said and done things I am not proud of and need to work at keeping my heart open and compassion flowing. It Starts With Us is a genius way to remind ourselves, through ACTION, of what the smallest act of love can do for ourselves and the world around us.

I am also motivated by how it can spread. It’s Wildfire baby! Many thanks to Nate who put the energy behind the spark. Incredible, innovative, heartwarming… and just plain awesome.”

Neil (member of ItStartsWith.Us)


“The idea behind this is genuine. I have never been a part of something so sincere and sweet in my life. I read the blog of the person we are “bombing” and my heart goes out to them. I then read what everyone responds to and my faith in humanity is restored. So many giving people are willing to give their time to someone who they dont know. the overwhelming feeling of love that these people must be feeling after their bomb is amazing. I can not even accurately express how phenomenal this experience is.”

Jennifer (member of Love Bomb)